About Partners

Partners was founded in 1998 to provide the finest management services to state,regional and national associations. The company has developed a reputation as turn-around specialists through the breakthrough creativity and sound strategic advice of its Chief Staff Executive Management team.

Under the leadership of Partners, associations have prospered. Some organizations have doubled and tripled their membership, while others, having joined Partners in dire financial straights, have met or exceeded their long term reserve objectives. Still others have created new programs that invigorate their industry and position them as the top organization in their industry or profession.

Partners company philosophy calls for an association to be run like a business with the expectation of a return on investment, strength of the balance sheet and adherence to the budget as the guiding forces. This same philosophy also supports the idea that satisfied members make profitable and relevant associations. We thrive on creating effective management programs, providing strategic counsel and high quality member communications for associations.


Partners in Association Management Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a business environment that results in innovative and ethical association management services leading to long-term client relationships.

  • Objective One: To form long-lasting client relationships based upon mutual trust.
  • Objective Two: To create daily value for clients by knowing and caring for their industry like it is our own business, while maintaining the objective judgment and impartiality of a leader.
  • Objective Three: To benefit the employees who make this corporate vision a reality.