Services We Offer

Chief Staff Executive

The role of the Chief Staff Executive (CSE) whether titled Executive Director, President or CEO is one of vital responsibility. This role must be filled by an experienced, enthusiastic, and articulate individual who is able to carry out Board policy while offering proactive assistance. The CSE must be capable of developing a close working partnership with the volunteer leaders he or she serves.

Partners carefully consider all factors in selecting and placing a Chief Staff Executive in this crucial leadership role. Following the selection process, Partners supports the CSE with continuing professional education, technologically advanced management systems and a service network to support all facets of an organization's mission.

Chief Staff Executives at Partners are prepared to focus primarily on the advancement of an association's strategic objectives. They do this by becoming educated and knowledgeable about the professions and industries they serve. Association partners come to see their chief staff executive as well versed in their mission and as long time members of their own organization. By accomplishing this, a CSE develops a strong and lasting relationship with the volunteer leaders and the profession or industry being served.

Partners focuses on internal training for its current CSEs and those who will serve in that role in the future. The firm provides an intensive annual program of training based on the subject disciplines of the American Society of Association Executives Certified Association Executive examination. The core subjects in association management are augmented by applying business perspectives as well as ensuring that the most up to date legal requirements for not for profit organizations are covered.

The result of our CSE corporate culture is the empowerment of association leaders to shape their industry, manage change, and respond to challenges and opportunities knowing each step of the way that they are supported by a strong, capable Chief Staff Executive and management partner.

  • Proactive Awareness of Issues and Trends
  • Volunteer Leader Involvement and Communication
  • Implementation of Strategic Plan and Vision
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Organizational Representative
  • Overall Operation and Staff Support Coordination
  • Volunteer Leadership Orientation and Training
  • Integrity and Corporate Ethical Compliance

Strategic Leadership

An important facet of all associations is strategic leadership. This begins with an assessment of the resources of an association partner. In cooperation with volunteer leaders, a realistic strategic plan is developed that distills the association mission to clear objectives delineated with action steps and milestones. This meshes with the budget, and is tracked for accomplishment over a one to three year period.

The Partners key philosophy that CSEs and staff focus on strategic plan accomplishment assures our association partners, that their plan is a living, dynamic, evolving blueprint which translates into services and benefits of greater value to the association members.

The strategic leadership process scans both the internal and external environment of the association, identifying opportunities and challenges, which provide additional options of proactive advice and assistance by staff for volunteer leaders. Strategic leadership is a continuous loop of accomplishment. Feedback is critical to its continual flow and effectiveness. Feedback from both internal and external sources assures that processes evolve in the most effective way to serve an association partner's constituents.

Using professional knowledge, collaboration and break-through innovation, Partners brings the full leverage of both its experienced staff and top volunteer leaders to provide input on the strategic management process.

  • Bylaws/Articles of Incorporation
  • Communication Audits
  • Dues and Non-Dues Revenue Analysis
  • Investment Portfolio Administration
  • Issues Identification Management
  • Organizational Audits
  • Operational Audits
  • Policies & Procedures Review
  • Strategic Planning
  • Transition Service


Do members view member care in an association as a cost or an investment? Have they been asked? Are the benefits of member care considered a great value? Does staff consider a member's phone call an annoyance or an opportunity to showcase the services of a cutting-edge organization?

Partners asks these key questions that most staff and volunteer leaders would prefer not to ask. Why? In the long term, if an association does not assess its value to members, it is like driving blind. You are moving forward but never knowing where the curves, bumps, and cliffs lie ahead. Driving blind too long will surely end in disaster.

Partners approaches member care with the following objectives:

  • To provide quality services and benefits as guided by the association mission;
  • To treat each member as a customer with exemplary service;
  • To respond to members quickly;
  • To treat members consistently and thoroughly;
  • Welcoming and treating new members as if they were life members;
  • Seeking to develop a relationship with members versus seeing them as numbers.

In cooperation with our association partners, Partners offers a review of member care services and benefits delivery, to seek more efficient and effective delivery mechanisms. Some things don't change however, and this is personalized service. Partners insists that association members receive hands-on service and communication from a staff member they come to know as part of their member care services team. We listen to association members and through their input improve the delivery of services.

It is our philosophy that an association exists for its members and prospects and, in doing so, should provide an environment where members feel assisted, supported, and given the tools necessary to succeed in their profession or industry.

  • Member Services
  • Database Management
  • Promotion/Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Dues Invoicing/Collection
  • Affinity Programs
  • Product Fulfillment Services

Financial Management

Partners believes that strong systems lead to accurate and predictable outcomes. Nowhere is this more important that in financial management. Our systems for processing financial transactions have been developed through the experience of millions of transactions. Our systems have been carefully reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to assure that they adhere to and meet Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

If an association partner needs specialized reporting or software for financial transactions, Partners can call upon its close alliance with public accounting firms to provide expertise and advice without the need for a separate retainer.

For mutual benefit we request that every association partner participate in financial review procedures each year by an independent CPA firm. We are dedicated to the mandate that an association's financial records be highly transparent, easily understood, usable, and adhere to all applicable laws.

  • General Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Budget Preparation/Reporting
  • Banking Relations
  • Audit Management/Tax Filings

Marketing and Communications

Does your association do the same old thing because it's that time of year again, or is there the excitement of presenting a dynamic marketing plan? Does the staff use the words; imagination, ideas, branding, excitement, effectiveness, sales, and adventure to sum up marketing concepts and objectives?

Partners looks at association partners like we look at our business. Do you have an image? Are you recognized as a brand? Do you develop exciting marketing campaigns for all association services and programs?

Our team of professionals will assist the volunteer leadership in developing the marketing plans and vehicles to maximize the effectiveness of association programs. It does not always take money to develop more effective mechanisms it takes ideas and imagination. In their role of strategic leadership, our marketing staff works with the volunteer leaders to assist in a program design that maximizes interest. Whether it is membership renewals or convention attendance, Partners is proactive in assuring that our association partners remain cutting edge and financially rewarded.

  • Publications Management
  • Marketing/Media/Public Relations
  • Professional/Industry Relations
  • Advertising/Sales
  • Fax Broadcasts
  • Special Mailing Design & Implementation
  • Needs Assessment/Analysis
  • Preparation of Handbooks/Materials
  • "How To" Guides
  • Program Design/Evaluation
  • Research & Development
  • Media Kits
  • News Releases
  • Press Conferences

Government Relations

Traditionally, a well-run government relations program is a key membership benefit, however, some members may not see this process as a tangible member benefit. Our staff has not only the experience both at the federal and state levels on running successful programs but also developing the corresponding marketing material to ensure members value the effort by their organization. Partners has significant experience assisting associations to achieve their objectives in both the legislative and regulatory arenas.

Whether developing a grassroots membership participation campaign, preparing testimony, discussing technical issues with regulatory bodies, or fundraising and political action committee management support, Partners is ready.

Partners is working with, or has worked with, a number of governmental entities:

  • Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • Florida Department of Elder Affairs
  • Florida Department of Health
  • Agency for Health Care Administration
  • Florida Department of Financial Services
  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation
  • Florida Department of Children and Families
  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • U.S. OSHA
  • Ohio State Dental Board

We will work with the volunteer leaders to develop the most effective advocacy strategy that fits the budget of your association. From coordination with contract lobbyists to legislative alerts, to participation in coalitions, Partners has the experience and ability to manage the effort needed to accomplish your goals.

  • Educational Program Design, Implementation & Evaluation
  • Legislative Fly-ins
  • Political Committee Management
  • Fundraising
  • Public Policy/Governmental Relations/Grassroots Efforts Accreditation/Certification/Licensure
  • Crisis Management

Certification and Standards

The development of certification programs and standards has become increasingly important with the ever-increasing scrutiny of regulatory agencies. Partners has specialists on staff that work exclusively in certification and standard setting. We work with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide accreditation and standards recognition for our association partners.

Specialists on our staff work exclusively in the certification arena, developing and classifying industry knowledge into hierarchies ready for testing certification candidate knowledge. Our staff awards successful candidates with their certification or accreditation and facilitates the renewal and retesting process under an association partner's policy guidelines.

If the challenge is to develop a new standard or certification program our staff will assist the volunteer leadership in:

  • Assessing the kind of program, certification or standards setting, that will fit your industry or profession;
  • Doing the market research of your membership and stakeholders to determine acceptability;
  • Developing a business plan that makes financial sense for your organization;
  • Assessing the risk management needed;
  • Securing the proper legal reviews.

Whether it is managing an existing program, or designing a new one, Partners brings considerable experience to the management of credible and meaningful programs to evaluate members' achievements.

  • Candidate Testing
  • Continuing Education Credit Management
  • Re-certification/Renewal
  • Item Bank Development
  • Standards Development/Verification

Convention, Tradeshow and Education Management

Conventions, expositions, and meetings are a big industry in the United States . They contribute well over $100 billion to the gross domestic national product. In many instances, they are the single largest revenue contributor to an association's resources. We assist our association partners in delivering successful meetings both substantively and financially. Attention to detail is essential in the development and management of a successful meeting. Working closely with the volunteer leaders, Partners provides a blue print to address successful meeting planning and management as follows:

  • Constructing an effective program;
  • Identifying the best format for delivery;
  • Building a budget;
  • Selecting the appropriate location and properties;
  • Assisting the association with all food and beverage guarantees and functions;
  • Inspecting the site as needed;
  • Reviewing and executing contracts favorable to the association;
  • Arranging all specialized services;
  • Marketing the program or meeting and developing all print materials;
  • Identify needed risk management and security;
  • Providing on-site management fulfillment;
  • Evaluating the outcome.

Nothing is overlooked in Partners stewardship of your flagship programs. In many instances, meetings and conventions are the only places where your membership will interact with the association leaders and staff. It has to be the very best! Our staff is certified in meeting development, and we work in partnership with high quality tradeshow and registration management firms that can facilitate meetings of up to 16,000 individuals.

  • Site Location & Planning
  • Marketing and Public Relations
  • Banquet and Audiovisual Arrangements
  • Decorating and Theme Development
  • Exhibit Management
  • Attendee Surveying
  • Continuing Education Credit Support
  • Sponsor and Contributor Development
  • Registration System

Websites and Technology

Originally developed in the late 80s and early 90s, as a way for the Department of Defense to communicate, in few short years, the Internet has become an electronic highway for billions of dollars in commerce. Just scratching the surface currently, the Internet will continue to evolve in previously unimaginable ways. With keyboards in every home linked to a monitor, association members will find it increasingly easy and desirable to transact their business on-line. Are you ready?

Partners currently provides all association partners with state-of-the-art hosting, web site development, and maintenance as part of the fulfillment of their missions. While not replacing interpersonal communications, web sites have evolved to assist members with instant electronic functions to increase the value of their membership. Whether registering for a convention, updating their membership profile, or purchasing valuable resources, web sites have become effective "win-win" management tools. We are ready to assist you with your ride on the electronic highway by identifying the opportunities that exist for your association.

Our high-technology infrastructure includes wide bandwidth internet connectivity, on-site servers for the storage and maintenance of member and financial data, the appropriate firewalls to protect all information, with a back-up process and plan for storing data securely off-site.

  • Website Design and Hosting
  • E-commerce
  • Broadcast Fax and E-mail Service
  • On-line Surveying
  • Web Conferencing

Publication Management

Are you distributing the same old publications because that is what has always been done? Are you publishing with a purpose? Do your publications still look like they were printed twenty years ago? You are not alone!

Partners will help assess all of your communications, be they magazines, newsletters, print or electronic, with a statement of purpose and a business plan. Partners believes that your published communications are an extremely important point of contact for members and interested stakeholders. Questions about relevancy, content, readability, financial management, advertising, tax issues, circulation, all need to be asked when developing effective and useful publications.

Our association partners have won awards for publications we have produced for them. Our talented staff offers many options to embellish your membership materials at a cost that fits your budget.

  • Advertising Sales
  • Editorial Content Development
  • E-newsletters
  • Printing and Production Coordination
  • Circulation Management/Library Services

General Administration

Partners maintains modern office space, conveniently located nearby major thoroughfares and lodging for the benefit of its association partners. Our operations department handles the daily flow of mail, telephone, facsimile, web site and e-mail correspondence. Each item of correspondence is handled quickly and efficiently as if a member walked into the office and made the request. All partner association files are kept separate, secure, and confidential to maintain the trust of volunteer leadership and members.

Partners provides competitive salaries and benefits that ensure that our association partners will have the very best program support. In-house training extends throughout the staff with active cross training for most staff positions.

Partners received the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce 2004 Small Business of the Year award in recognition of its exemplary environment. FL Trends has recognized Partners as a  Best Companies to Work For for the past several years.

  • Day-to-Day Organizational Operations
  • Board and Committee Liaison/Staffing
  • Negotiation and Bidding Processes
  • Legal Compliance
  • Record Maintenance and Storage
  • Personnel Management