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Topic Title: Are You Missing the Boat with New Hires?

Category: Staff Development/Leadership

Topic Summary: Often times, when bringing on new staff, the on-boarding process is the most critical part of a successful new hire initiative. Are you providing the proper information? Do you have the right systems and processes in place? Are you preparing your new hire for success? Or are you setting things up for failure? This session will discuss the top 10 most important aspects to consider when bringing in a new staff member to ensure a successful orientation to your organization.

Topic Title: How Does Your Board Orientation Measure Up?

Category: Board Development/Leadership

Topic Summary: The board orientation process is a critical step when bringing in new leadership. A successful board orientation program provides new leadership with important information related to role of the board, the responsibilities of serving and the strategic and operational information pertinent to the board. A proper board orientation can ensure a more positive and effective board experience for both the volunteer, the association and the staff.

Topic Title: What Keeps You Up at Night?

Category: Various

Topic Summary: In this flipped learning experience, the attendees select the topics and engage in peer to peer discussion and learning around the selected topics. Be prepared for an interactive session where attendees control the format and the agenda with guided facilitation.

Topic Title: Workforce Culture – Building and Sustaining

Category: Leadership

Topic Summary: This program outlines the need for a vibrant workforce culture that allows an organization to reach its full potential.

Topic Title: Hard Skills Get You in the Door, Mastering Soft Skills as A CEO Ensure Success

Category: Leadership

Topic Summary: This program examines the CEO/Board Relationship in associations.

Association CEO’s are at the office or on the road with their organizations more than they are at home. Establishing strong relationships in a concerted manner with volunteer leaders can ensure a long and vibrant career that brings job satisfaction and broader organizational success.

Topic Title: What Happens Now? Succession Planning for Associations

Category: Leadership

Topic Summary: Associations like any business, must be prepared for transition. This session explores why shifting demographics are making this topic a priority for many associations, real life scenarios that have forced associations to look at succession planning more closely and tips for getting the discussion and the process started.

Topic Title: Taking Care of Business (And Not Working Overtime)

Category: Productivity / Time Management

Topic Summary: Find yourself dragging at the end of the day without much to show for it? With hectic work schedules that require flexibility and the ability to shift gears at a moment’s notice, how do you accomplish everything that comes across your desk? The simple answer is that you can’t. However, you can implement measures to ensure you are getting the right work done efficiently. Join this session for time-tested techniques that will help you become more focused and on track to get the right work done, including the following (and more).

Topic Title: Keys to Competent Communication for Leaders (and Followers)

Category: Leadership/Communication/Productivity

Topic Summary: Like it or not, today’s association professionals and leaders alike, are always “on stage.” Whether presenting to a client or prospect, briefing a board or staff on an important initiative, or simply meeting with a supervisor, what it said and how it’s said is critical to success. This session will provide attendees the tools needed to feel confident in presenting to a group of 2 or 200.

Topic Title: Putting the Profit in Non-Profit

Category: Non Dues Revenue

Topic Summary: Attendees will the leave the session with a framework for identifying opportunities and developing successful non-dues programs.

Topic Title: Young Members – How to Get Them. How to Keep Them

Category: Membership

Topic Summary: There is abundant research on the topic of the “generational divide” and the differences among the generations permeate the association world just as they do elsewhere. Is your organization putting its best foot forward to recruit and keep younger members? This session will touch on some of the research regarding the needs and objectives of younger members and provide strategies to help recruit and retain them.

Topic Title: Membership Trends and Influences – 2021 and Beyond

Category: Membership

Topic Summary: Are you properly addressing the expectations of your customers? The “on demand” conveniences that we expect from Netflix, phone apps and the like is causing all of us to “up our game” to ensure we meet the expectations of our members. Is your organization up to the task?

Topic Title: Building a Foundation for Effective Grassroots Advocacy

Category: Advocacy

Topic Summary: Establishing and maintaining relationships is the primary key to success in most professional endeavors. In the political world, relationships are the only key to unlocking the doors of success. How is the health of your organization’s political relationships? This session will cover the essentials of any successful grassroots political effort that can applied all levels of government.

Topic Title: Networking to Build Connections

Category: Communications

Topic Summary: Some people are naturals at networking and some people aren’t. Shyness and anxiety can impede one’s attempts in making conversation. Just because there is food, doesn’t mean you should eat. Why are you at a particular business function? Networking Etiquette is real. This session will address how to overcome the fear and be more comfortable in a networking or social business environment as well as teach the proper networking skills to impress those you meet.

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