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The role of the Chief Staff Executive (CSE) (Executive Director, President or CEO) is one of vital responsibility. This role must be filled by an experienced, enthusiastic, ethical and articulate individual who is able to carry out Board policy, offer proactive assistance and develop a close working partnership with volunteer leaders.

Partners carefully considers all factors in selecting and placing a Chief Staff Executive in this crucial leadership role. Following the selection process, Partners supports the CSE with continuing professional education, technologically advanced management systems and a service network to support all facets of an organization’s mission.

Chief Staff Executives at Partners are prepared to focus primarily on the successful execution of an association’s strategic objectives. They do this by becoming educated and knowledgeable about the professions and industries they serve. Association partners come to see their Chief Staff Executive as well versed in their mission and as long time members of their own organization.

The result of our CSE corporate culture is the empowerment of association leaders to shape their industry, manage change, and respond to challenges and opportunities knowing each step of the way that they are supported by a strong, capable Chief Staff Executive and management partner.

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A National Certification Organization had Experienced decline in its candidate testing - We recommended out-of-the-box thinking that provided new testing methods, leading to a doubling of the test candidates in 12 months. Working with the strength of the revitalized testing program, we advocated and worked with this association partner to introduce new programs and certifications that complimented the core certification

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