National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences – Helping Families

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By: Danielle Jessup, CMP

The National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (NEAFCS) joined Partners in Association Management in January of 2017. On June 29, 1933, the association became a reality under the name, The National Home Demonstration Agents’ Association. After a handful of name changes, and as a result of the evolution of the profession, the Association changed its name one final time in 1995, to The National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Celebration Time!

In 2019, NEAFCS will celebrate its 85th anniversary. The celebration will kick-off at their 2018 Annual Session in San Antonio, TX and conclude in Hershey, PA at their 2019 Annual Session.

The organization has grown to over 1,700 active and affiliate members of Family & Consumer Science Extensions across the nation and its territories. Additionally, the association has 1,170 life members.

Extension professionals provide families with evidence and science based programs, enabling them to improve their family’s well-being in health, financial management, food and nutrition, food safety, healthy homes and environments, family life and technology, improving their daily lives and creating vibrant communities in which they live.Big NEAFCS N

NEAFCS fully funded an Endowment Fund in 2016, which has donated more than $144,000 to its members to provide leadership and professional development. In addition, the NEAFCS Awards Fund honors the contribution of its members to the profession by providing thousands of dollars each year to participate in alliance organization events.

One of the most important aspects of the Association is the member involvement related to Impact Reports. These reports are prepared by NEAFCS members and can be used in many ways at the local level throughout the year to provide education and advocacy to show the return on investment of Extension Services and continued funding of these programs. The reports cover program outcomes on Childhood Obesity Prevention, Community Health and Wellness, Diabetes Prevention Management, Financial Management, and Food and Nutrition.

Another member benefit which attracts more than 600 professionals is the Annual Session. This four day conference features over 80 sessions in a variety of subjects.

The association has established leadership positions for a purpose! Its 13 member board consists of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, Vice President for Member Resources, Vice President for Professional Development, Vice President for Public Affairs, Vice President for Awards and Recognition, and four Regional Directors. Each of the organization’s VP positions manages multiple committees and members that serve on them. The Regional Directors serve as liaisons to Affiliates.

This organization was formed by members who care and volunteer their time to improve the life and well-being of others. Their mission couldn’t have said it better. Partners in Association Management is truly blessed to work with an organization like NEAFCS and is looking forward to the continued partnership for MANY years to come.


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