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Our team of professionals assists volunteer leaders in developing the marketing plans and vehicles to maximize the effectiveness of association programs and events. It does not always take money to develop more effective mechanisms, it takes ideas and imagination. In their role of strategic leadership, our staff works with volunteer leaders to assist in a program design that maximizes interest. 

Whether it is membership renewals or convention attendance, Partners is proactive in assuring that our association partners remain cutting edge and financially rewarded.

Partners believes that your published communications are an extremely important point of contact for members and interested stakeholders. Questions about relevancy, content, readability, financial management, advertising, tax issues and circulation, all need to be asked when developing effective and useful publications. Our association partners have won awards for publications we have produced for them. Our talented staff offers many options to embellish your marketing materials at a cost that fits your budget.

Print Magazines Produced
Global Circulation
$ 850000
Annual Advertising Revenue for Client Organization

Partners’ team of editors, designers and advertising salespeople work to develop print and digital publications that contain compelling information designed in a manner that appeals to readers. Their efforts ensure profitable and popular publications are being produced.

We Create Success

A State Trade Association needed to reach more members with quarterly clinics - We worked with the association leadership to improve locations, marketing materials and speaker selection resulting in a 100% increase in attendance.

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Lessons Learned – Key Clauses in Post-Pandemic Meetings Contracts

While most associations have resumed in-person meetings, many meetings are still striving to achieve pre-covid attendance levels. However, as they move forward, wise association managers and planners entering into contracts for in-person meetings in 2023 and beyond, will do well to apply the lessons learned over these past two years.

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