We offer a multitude of strategic planning, training and developmental resources to strengthen any organization - nonprofit or for profit - through our Partners Strategic Solutions (PS Squared) division.

Partners In Association Management is a full service accredited professional services firm that specializes in delivering strategic and operational management for associations.

PS Squared provides cost effective, qualified services, such as:

Strategic Planning

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) recommends that all associations develop and annually review the organization's strategic plan to develop long term goals and action items to assist the organization in meeting their goals.

Operational Efficiencies

In today's economy all businesses have to do more with less and associations are tasked with a similar challenge. Our efficiency experts will work with your association staff to "go lean" to ensure that your association is operating at maximum levels of efficiency.

Staff Development

Better teams achieve better results. This is true for the staff or the board leaders within the organization. Let our facilitator create a fun and rewarding experience that will enhance trust and encourage results for your association staff.

Board Training

It is extremely important to ensure that your boards receive an introduction to board leadership and associations. Often times, board members are not equipped with the knowledge regarding serving on an association's board. Or, in cases where they do have experience, it can be invaluable for an outside party to facilitate board training.

Change Management

All companies undergo change. However, not all companies are equipped to deal with change. Planning for and responding to change are the most important steps in ensuring successful outcomes. If your organization is preparing for a change, let our experts help guide you.

Recent Successful Endeavor:

An organization was struggling to create a company-wide team and striving with the development of multiple client team silos. These silos hindered the growth and development of all staff members as well as the organization.

PS Squared developed and implemented a series of workshops, team building activities and cultural initiatives and trained the entire staff to perform as one team for the betterment and success of the entire organization.

A few years later... team work, job satisfaction, morale and performance have increased and the company has been listed by Florida Trend Magazine as one of the best companies to work for three years in a row. Hint: It's us!


Testimonials from PS Squared Clients:

"Partners in Association Management and PS Squared was retained by the American Dental Association, Commission on Dental Accreditation to facilitate a comprehensive yearlong strategic planning process. They did an excellent job and the resulting business plan is in progress".
Anthony Ziebert, DDS, Senior Vice-president of Membership, Tripartite Relations, and Marketing at American Dental Association

"Partners in Association Management and PS Squared gave our volunteer leaders a primer on their roles and responsibilities at a recent leadership retreat. The attendees had takeaways for immediate use and that session will keep our leaders focused on 30,000 foot view (and out of the weeds) for years to come".
Juhan Mixon, Executive Director, Florida Association of School Administrators

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