AMCs Explained

Association Management Companies (AMCs):

  • Manage and lead trade and professional associations
  • Allow their association clients to receive tailored staffing expertise to more readily meet their current and future staffing needs.
  • Offer savings to associations by leveraging the collective purchasing power of multiple organizations on behalf of each individual client. (e.g., a hotel sales director is likely to give better terms and conditions to an event planner knowing they plan events for several other organizations and who has team of other event planners at their office who may be referred to their property).
  • Are for-profit companies that strive to deliver the highest levels of professionalism and expertise to their clients.
  • In sum, AMCs deliver turnkey management for non-profit organizations including all functional areas, from strategic leadership and policy development, to finance and accounting, to membership and marketing, and all other day to day operational functions.  If it needs to get done an AMC does it.
Partners In Association Management is proudly accredited with the AMC Institute.

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